Introduction Post: Adam

Eye_of_Horus_GreenAvatar  Adam – Sons of Horus

     It’s funny, the places life takes us. If you asked me 15 years ago when I first picked up a box of Space Marines if I thought I was going to give my life to the gaming business, I might have laughed. But now, as I open my own store in Greencastle, Indiana, I can’t imagine doing anything else.

     Warhammer wasn’t my first love with gaming—I played Classic Battletech first, although I was really too young to understand the game completely. The miniatures were what appealed to me about it—building a model that you then painted, and could go play a game with. Kind of like Legos, but with more freedom. D&D came later, as did other board games, but nothing ever really held my attention the way miniature games did.

     Over the years, I’ve developed a very strong online presence as a prominent leader on Heresy Online and our blog network, Talk Wargaming. My antics are nothing new to the greater community of online 40k gamers, and you all can expect more of the same from me on here.

     I met Bob and Britton at The Game Preserve in Bloomington. Bob and I really built the local 40k community up from a handful of people to an almost 30-strong group at its largest. Bob and I ran 40k and Fantasy events for a solid two years, and reinforced the importance of the hobby overall as opposed to just the game. When Bob left, Britton took over his position, and he and I continued to run events together for another three years, emphasizing the hobby and community over cut-throat competition. I then ran events on my own for not quite two years or so, at which point it was time to pass the torch to someone else as I moved to open my store.

     I’m thrilled to get to put a more personal touch on articles with this blog—while we all hope that the greater 40k community sees this, what I write will be far less intended for the mass market and much more about my own personal journey with an ever-growing Sons of Horus army that is a mirror of the 15000+ point Black Legion army I imagine they later become, the building of a new gaming community from the ground up, and my own new personal mission to build the most epic 40k tables in the state of Indiana!


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