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For the Emperor!! Assembling the Hidden Hand of the Emperor

Kayvaan Shrike – Raven Guard


As previously mentioned in my intro post, I will be making two versions of my list, one compatible with the typical Heresy ruleset, and another to be played within the confines of the normal 40k ruleset. To this end, I wanted to make my own commander. This model can serve as a stand in for Corax until the model is released, a Captain with a jump pack, or as a less fanciful-ballerina version of Kayvaan Shrike. He’s the only named 40k legal (non heresy or FW) character for the Raven Guard. So, let’s talk build.

For this model, I wanted something fairly ornate, with a more practical paint scheme. This will allow it to fit into its rather varied role. Accordingly, I chose the Sanguinary Guard model as my starting point. I tried to simplify the armor just a tad, smoothing the legs and knee caps. The winged jump pack seemed a tad over the top for the very practicality minded Shrike, so I just opted for a pack from the Vanguard kit. The left arm was taken from the old commander kit I think, and the left arm was a trimmed down halberd arm from the Grey Knight box set. This is the end result, after priming.


One thing I needed to do was make a whip. Harder than you’d think. I made about 6 before I found one I liked. It’s very important to think compositionally at this point, not only on the shape, but how it fits in to the model as a whole.  I then sculpted a tip and wider part out of green stuff, painted and gloss coated them.



I wanted to keep the model looking dark, as if it could blend into the shadows with relative ease. I chose to forgo the normal white you see on Shrike, and stick closer to the Heresy era charcoal and black color scheme. I chose to keep the body black, and make the main part of the pauldron grey. I then chose to paint the face and hair of the model, as this will be the eye’s focus on a bare-helmeted model. I went with strong features and dark hair, befitting the commander. For the face, I painted the flesh tone paint, washed it with GW’s Agrax Earthshade, then painted the raised sections with flesh again. This then washed with a watered down Ogryn Flesh, and highlighted again. The eyes were then painted white, pupils dotted, and other details such as the tongue and teeth picked out. The hair was painted with a few shades of brown, then finally washed with Nuln Oil.


From here, I maybe… should have taken more pictures. I sort of just got on a roll. So, I used GW’s Dark Reaper blue for the highlights on the armor. These were done in a fine and controlled manner, so as to keep the bulk of the armor a true black. Charcoal sections were done using GW’s Eshin Grey and highlighted in Reaper’s Cloudy Grey. Seals were painted in GW’s Bestial Brown, Bleached Bone, washed with Devlan Mud, then highlighted with Bleached Bone and finally Reaper’s Polished Bone. The wax portion is heavily drybrushed Blood Red, washed Carroburg Crimson, then highlighted Blood Red again. The lightning claw was painted with a layering of GW Red Gore, Blood Red, and Blazing Orange, then washed Carroburg to pull the colors together. Wing details were painted Cloudy Grey, layered with Dawnstone, washed with Nuln Oil, then highlighted with Dawnstone, and finally Ceramatite White. Details on the jump pack were painted similarly to parts on the body.


The model was given a strong, glossy spray coat (seen above), followed by a satin final coat of varnish. The model was then based, using a mixture of Woodland Scenics Snow and PVA glue. I will have a detailed writeup on this process in the coming week.

Time to get sneaky!

And here we have the finished product! Overall, I’m quite satisfied with the result. I feel it’s a model worthy of the Emperor’s finest. Look for a few more units coming in the next couple days. Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments. Until next time!

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